Fitts' Law Experiment

You can use this interactive to conduct your own Fitts' Law experiment. When you are ready, click the red column target. Once you have clicked it, the column will jump to the opposite side. The column position will repeatedly swap until the trial is complete. Do this as quickly as you can until it has finished. Every so often during the experiment the column width and the distance between them will change randomly. There are nine trials, and each trial requires eleven successful clicks. However, the first click of each trial does not affect the results as the travel distance would be different from the rest of the trial. The exercise should take around 30 seconds to one minute (but don't be worried if you need longer!)

Once you have finished, a table below will show your results. Save this data so you can analyse your experiment. Instructions on what to do with the data are in the Fitt's Law section.

Successful clicks remaining:
Please rotate your device into landscape mode to use this interactive.
Trial Average Distance (pixels) Width (pixels) Index of Difficulty (bits) Average Time (milliseconds)