User Salt Password Hash


Warning: Do not enter any real password into this interactive.
Whitespace is removed automatically
The first few passwords are in your language (we hope the translations are accurate!):
  • Alice, Bob, Casey and Dave all chose their favourite school subjects as passwords.
The remaining passwords are all in English, if applicable. These next few are all simple words, some of which you might find in a dictionary or list of the most common passwords:
  • Evelyn and Frank both chose really simple passwords. Without realising, they both chose the same one!
  • Grant looked down at his keyboard and picked the first thing he saw.
  • Hannah and Isabelle set up the database and chose basic passwords based on their roles; user and administrator.
The next few passwords are quite a bit more difficult! All are 8 characters, and have at least one lower case letter, upper case letter, and digit. Some also have a number of symbols:
  • Jack chose one of the most simple and popular passwords ever so he could remember it, but swapped a few characters to make it harder. Jack chose three digits and/or symbols as replacements that look a lot like the original letters – you can still read his password as an English word.
  • Kate chose her least favourite type of schoolwork but also made sure to use two upper case letters and two numbers. Again, you can still read it as if it were a full word.
  • Liam is a businessman who enjoys a strong drink to wake up in the morning and really likes hexadecimal.
  • Michaela used her name, "Michaela", but replaced four letters with two symbols and two digits. She chose the replacements logically but not necessarily for their appearance.
  • Nat chose the three letters of her name, "NAT", then five random characters on her keyboard; two numbers, two letters and a symbol. These additions were truly random, you'll have a tough time getting this one!
These passwords are all weak compared to what you should use in practice and can be guessed relatively quickly with the aid of a computer.