We have plenty of interactives throughout the CSFG, to teach many different computer science concepts. This page details some troubleshooting tips if you encounter issues, and a list of all available interactives.

Most of our interactives require a modern browser, if it's been updated in the last year you should be fine. We recommend:

While most interactives work on both phones, tablets, and desktop computers, some of our more complex interactives require a desktop computer to achieve acceptable performance.

The computer graphics and vision chapters use WebGL, which is a system that can render 3D images in a web browser. It is relatively new, so older browsers and operating systems may not have it setup correctly. The CanIUse website is a quick way to check if WebGL will work in your browser on your operating system. The general rule of thumb is if you are using an up-to-date version of a browser and the drivers for your operating system are up-to-date and the computer has a suitable GPU, then it should work.

If you are still having issues, this answer on SuperUser is quite useful. Also try searching your browser version and operating system in Google.